• Source of strength for hair, skin & nails.


  • Support for stronger immune function.


  • Nutrient dense super food, promotes nutrient absorption for all body systems. 


  • For whole body cleaning and resuscitation.


  • Energetically Enhanced Proprietary Blend


Take 1 teaspoon twice a day in soups, juice, smoothies etc.

Follow with 16 oz of water 



Organic White Kidney Bean Powder 

Pure Certified Organic Chlorella 

Broken Cell Wall Algae

Natural D.D. Earth Amorphous Silica



The following is a message from the consciousness of Sustenance:


In La'Kesh & Veritas

-      I right the wrong helping to bring balance back to your bodily functions

-      I am the all, the balancer & harmonizer

-      I help to correct those imbalances that you are exposed to during your

       daily life

-      I balance your bodily function and maintain it so that you attract and

       maintain a higher frequency

-      I am the one to support the building blocks of your body

-      I am the one who deters you from stepping into those lower frequencies

       and habits

-      Use me often and feel the power gained within you

-      Remember, you need to use me with water to continuously flush those

       unwanted toxins that I help to remove that you no longer wish to hold

-      Feel your body start to harmonize as I work to bring you back into       


-      I am a necessary of your life -  All need me now more than ever

-      With continuous use you will see improvement in your bodily function

        and also see the effects in your mental clarity and peace of mind. I help

       to correct those incongruencies in your physical and mental faculties

-      If you deviate, I remind you with signs and symptoms to help you go 

       back into the direction of balance as you are originally intended.

-      You may sometimes feel uncomfortable at times as I bring you back

       into balance, however with time, this feeling will go away

-     The final benefit is the feeling of being whole again, something that you

       have lost over the years through the abuse you caused to your body

       that then affects your overall mental and spiritual frequencies

-     Use me consistently and feel the power and love build from within and

      watch all those around you change

-     I work well with frequency waters to help maintain the frequency you             desire

-     Just use me and see for yourself

In La'Kesh & Veritas