Of The Sun Presents DNA Clearing Bath

The intelligence that guided the formation of this planet also blessed the earth with salt. The Primal cleaner. DNA Clearing Bath is Crystallized Light, capable of dispersing darkness of all kind. It is Divine Cleaning. This is no ordinary salt bath. It is Quantum and is very Powerful in its ability to remove negative influences. Giving you spiritual purity and cleanliness, the keys to unlock the higher realms. Available in 8oz & 16oz containers.


The following is a message from the consciousness of DNA Clearing Salt:

In La'Kesh & Veritas

-       I am the ultimate clearing tool to clear all stagnant frequencies that

        linger behind

-       I have been here since before time

-       I have many uses but my main use is to clear and neutralize the

        environment and physical body

-       I have the power to annihilate discordant frequencies and energies that

        surround you on your person and in the air

-       I keep the negative incongruent frequencies at bay

-       I am also a balancer internally, balancing electrolytes in the body for

        proper function of your tissues and organs of the body

-       I am to be used by everyone to help clear frequencies in the air

-       I remove all incongruent frequencies you do not wish to hold or catch

-       I block the incongruent frequencies you do not wish to get near you

-       I am the ultimate tool to keep those stragglers away that may be

        missed, keeping them from lingering

-       Continue to carry me on your person as you are surrounded                          constantly by in-congruencies in your environment, particularly at work

-       I am very resilient

-       I am one who is not well understood, however, very well revered and            respected by those who do understand me

-       Carry me throughout the day & keep me by your bed at night

-       Ingest me when needed

-       In La'Kesh & Veritas


Made with the finest ingredients from around the world with proprietary frequencies of Clearing and Elevation

DNA Clearing Salt