Deceit & jealousy water combats the practice of deceiving & concealing from self and others & results ultimately in reveling & uncovering the Truth that escapes or hides from us and allows us to be duplicit & in-congruent with yourself and then our other selves. The combination of the frequency that combats jealousy helps create a shield against the fear of rivalry in-self and those that are around you. 


The following is a message from the consciousness of the frequency water Combat Deceit & Jealousy:


A destructor of programs steeped in consciousness; compelled to prevent movement into higher expression. Spearing light onto hidden confines of the layered soul. As to unveil memories of eventful circumstance entwine with deceit and jealously; manifested into thought forms, emotions, and actions.


Bringing forth acknowledgment and reconciliation to aspects of one’s Being, unseen in the dark.


Extracting misinterpretation of truth and disdain over one’s self-identity. Ultimately, restoring self’s true essence back to love, oneness, respect, and dignity. 


Pairs perfectly with "Truth Wood"



Spray 3 times a day or more

5 sprays each time

Combat Deceit & Jealousy Frequency Water