In La'Kesh is a Mayan word that means "Oneness" or "I am you & you are me".



The following is a message from the consciousness of the In La'kesh Crop Circle:


A message of infinite possibilities integrated in the divinity of oneness. A call for dematerialization of separation. 

A partnering soulmate to Of The Sun.


Gathering all in harmony with a truth interwoven in light. I am the introduction to the soul seeking greater expansion, greeting and prepping it for the next stage of evolution-Of The Sun. 


I am a calling to re-establish balance, tapping into the reservoir of intelligence, humans are already encoded with. 

I am the past, present, and future orbiting in infinite motion. Reminding all consciousness of the oneness they were created from. 


I am here to summon Correction. 


I am here to move into global multiplication. Spreading In La'Kesh into the consciousness of many. Franchised by those in alignment with In La'Kesh. From state-to-state, country-to-country, continent-to-continent, ocean-to-ocean.


In La'Kesh will rebuild the community, unify humanity, and interact with the consciousness of children - so that humanity’s children shall identify and operate in truth. Becoming the navigators of reason, logic, and balance. Shifting the outcomes of humanity’s destiny. 

In La'Kesh 3ft Rug