Rain Clarifying Hair & Body Wash’ is fortified with the most precious of essential oils and clearing frequencies: certified organic Boswellia rivae, Frankincense, steam distiller from the oleoresin in the country of France and Commiphora myrrha Myrrh steam distiller from the resin in the country of Kenya. Revered for thousands of years for their ability to purify, clear and heal.


These oils are known To be The Wise Man’s cure, as they are said to be the treasures of the ancient world. Frankincense and Myrrh both boost proven antiseptic and inflammatory properties. We now offer you

these gifts from nature as a daily shower experience for your hair and body. Rain provides us with an exquisite cleaning, clearing relaxing remedy to our work a day world.



The following is a message from the consciousness of "Rain Hair & Body Wash":


  • I am the one to clear all things, all attachments and all incongruencies that create ill thoughts and actions resulting in physical maladies in your life once they linger for a time.
  • I remove the toxins of mental thought and physical ailments that result in unbalanced physical manifestations - I am the protective barrier that you need.
  • I clear all incongruent thoughts that accumulate throughout the day that may try to attach themselves to your being, trying to penetrate your mind and soul.
  • I help to repel those frequencies that are in our daily environment that you do not wish to attract
  • I help to maintain your high vibrational state so that you are able to think clearly and move freely into harmony and balance, which life is intended to be for our highest and best interests.
  • I raise your vibration, I raise your energy, I bring peace, I bring clarity, I bring life, I bring energy - Use me to help clear and refresh, consistently clearing and raising your vibrational aura.
  • Use me daily, day or night or as needed, as I will wash away those inconsistencies that you do not wish to attract, from your surrounding environment - use me often to repel those vibrational frequencies that cause illness and despair to hover around you.
  • After being in an environment of lower vibration, I remove feelings of being dirty and incomplete.
  • A synergistic affect is achieved when used with rain conditioner.
  • Use me and see the changes in your life, in your thinking and your surrounding environment as you bring forth a higher vibration to your immediate aura.

      In La'kesh & Veritas!




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Rain Hair/Body Wash & Hand Soap