Immerse your self in the earthy healing aroma of these "Cambodian Sacred Woods". Six scents available, while supplies last!


Sacred Wood: Bark from a Tree that was dying and instead healed itself.


Perfect for meditation, yoga, energy work, clearing and simply making your surroundings smell amazing!


Sacred woods All wood is sacred to OfTheSun 


We honor & recognize the symbiotic relationship we and all of life has 

with the trees. 


The longest living organism on the planet is a tree - we breath because

of trees. The trees consciousness & intelligence reaches to the center of the Earth and out into the universe. 


The trees stand as selfless, humble examples of dedication to the 

formulas that are life as life. Use to transduce a deeper experience intimately in meditation.


The smoke from the sacred wood is multi- dimensional when we use 

this sacred wood it is a meditational opportunity of expansion for you and 

all within your home and environments. 


Agar wood trees occur particularly in the rain forests of Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Northeast India, the Philippines, Borneo and New Guinea.

When this tree is attacked by certain fungi in its heartwood, the tree responds to this attack by releasing a type of resin to defend itself. This resin in the inside the tree gives rise to the formation of resinous heartwood which is known as oud.


Oud has been used in India, China, Japan and other Asian countries for centuries as an incense burnt in their homes as well in royal palaces. In places of worship and places for gathering of friends and family. For the celebration of a newborn and for the mourning of a dead one. It has transcended virtually every aspect of their lives.


In La'kesh & Veritas! The Following is a Message from the Consciousness of Sacred Wood:


Sacred Wood – Alf Mabrook Oudh Muatter - "See What is Real Wood" - Green


Pairs amazingly with "See What is Real Frequency Water"


  • I am here to help you see the beauty in life
  • I have been around for many centuries
  • I am hear to enhance your vision, to enhance your innate visual acuity
  • I was used by a council of men and women who were the advisors of many established

government rulings

  • I am most beneficial when you need clarity on a particular issue or if you need guidance

to see the big picture

  • I may be used during the day or at night to help you through those major decisions in your life
  • I am very beneficial when use in business meetings helping those to brainstorm or

finalize a given action

  • I will help to organize those thoughts for you so that you are able to move forward with

sure footedness with your ultimate decision.


Sacred Wood – Oudh Muatter - "Love Wood" - Red


Pairs amazingly with "Love Frequency Water"


  • I have been around for many lifetimes
  • I provide you with the peace you are looking for
  • I calm the nerves
  • I was used amongst those who were ill
  • I have healing properties
  • I have nurturing abilities
  • My fragrance is soft and nurturing as a mother’s touch and mother’s Love
  • I was used in many homes of women and their children as they share the love and support of one another 
  • For those who feel lack of love, I provide the support and confidence you need letting you know you are divinely loved and cherished
  • I clear those feelings and thoughts of loneliness and abandonment and promote those thoughts of love, joy and self- assurance, feelings of knowing you are loved
  • Use me during your meditations, when that boost of self-assurance and love is needed
  • Use me when you are singing a lullaby putting your loved ones to sleep so they may awaken with feelings of love, joy and confidence
  • Love is the most powerful healer.


Sacred Wood – Marbrook Oudh Muattar - "Wealth Wood" - Gold



Pairs amazingly with "Wealth Frequency Water"


  • I have been around for many years, many lifetimes
  • I am here to help you live your life to the fullest
  • I am here to help you attain those goals and desires
  • I was used by many deities and many kings, queens and royalty of their time
  • I help you maintain the frequency of wealth and abundance
  • I clear your thoughts of lack and poverty
  • My fragrance is subtle , but I am powerful
  • Use me in your home and see the riches flow through
  • I am magical
  • I make the impossibilities possible
  • See your riches come before you
  • Riches in your health and well-being
  • Embrace my fragrance and see for yourself


Sacred Wood – Qalbi Oudh Muatter - "Clarity" - Blue


Pairs amazingly with "Clarity Frequency Water"


  • I am the one who provides you with direction and purpose
  • I have been used by scholars, assisting them to bring forth revelations that were sometimes blocked or interfered
  • Use me when you have important decisions to make
  • I help to bring forth the clarity you need
  • I have assisted many scholars bring forth many discoveries that has assisted humanity
  • I am a great adjunct to be used in a study area as I will assist in stimulating you in the completion of the desired task you seek.
  • I however caution you to restrict my use from times when you need rest such as at night before bed, as I stimulate the mind and may prevent you from receiving that restful sleep you may need.


Sacred Wood – Maknoon Oudh Muatter - "Truth" - Purple


Pairs amazingly with "Combat Deceit & Jealously" & "Veritas"


Feel me as I have been calling for you

- I have been around for centuries on end

- Helping to ground you on this Earth

- I help you to see the truth in yourself and everything around you

- I work to ground your thoughts and actions

- I have been used by many advisors of the past for the grounding that is necessary for

them to provide the accurate guidance for others

- I am like a truth serum

- Use me during your meditations to help you stay in the present and see the truth

- I help to reveal and accept truths you were not able to hear

- I help you to accept truths that you were at one time not able to accept

- I assist you in purging those thoughts which prevent you from seeing the truth

- Use me wisely

- Move towards freedom as those truths are revealed


Check out our Sacred Wood burners as a perfect pairing:

Sacred Mystical Meditation Wood Variations - Oudh Muattar

Wood Type/Frangrance
  • Hold the sacred smoke!


    When something burns, it is surrendering its defined, solid, physical form and its spirit is being released to the air while the ash falls to enrich the earth. Smoke is a clear communication channel with the spirit world, a smoke signal straight to other dimensional worlds. It holds and carries, & enhances our intentions imprinted during, upon, & contained within the smoke. (See sacred woods). Smoke has such powerful metaphysical properties, it is not an understatement to say that every time you have a Sacred wood burning you are in-touch with other realms. Sacred wood produce medicinal smoke and is a powerful clearing antiseptic that can purify the air of 94% of harmful bacteria for up to 24 hours, and releases large amounts of negative ions into the atmosphere, liberating us from heavy dark energies, which makes a perfect companion to Quantum Light Property clearings. Burn the wood everyday to help hold your Property clearings longer.Burning Oudh Wood chips captures the essence of the wood in a more complete scent profile.The power of smoke is legendary among the indigenous. We see practice of smudging (purifying) rooms, energy and auras & and the Christian practice of smudging the heads of each participant - Ash Wednesday rituals before Easter.  


    Create A Sacred Space


    Burning incense wood is a powerful way to invoke the energy of celebration, ceremony and manifestation. Sacred smoke sends our intentions to the dimensional world.

    Sacred woods produce smoke that each have their own energies. While all of them will help clear the energy of a space and invite positivity, they work in different ways. Choose a sacred wood - Doing so will hold the space for you to manifest your intention and amplify it to the universe.

    What would you offer your sacred smoke signals in?