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“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”
                                                              – Albert Einstein

Imagine grocery stores with mainly bread, rice and grains but few fruits and vegetables. Imagine most of the land on earth as dry, arid deserts without vegetation, just barren grasslands.


Imagine not being able to buy clothing or anything made out of cotton, for that matter. Imagine a world where fuel is actually more expensive and less available.


This is our world without bees, and it is closer to reality than people think. In the last five years alone, 30% of the national bee population has been eradicated and nearly one-third of all bee colonies have died. 

We are the bees. The bees are us. We are In La'Kesh. We are one. Being aware of what is happening to the bees can help us shift our own consciousness because it is also happening to us. The bees are sick and we are sick. Healing ourselves heals the bees, and healing the bees heals us. 

The bees need us and we need the bees. If the bees die, we die. If the bees survive and thrive, so do we. We are on this planet together for a reason. We can learn how to thrive by helping the bees survive.

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