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   Bee Healthy Class

Honey bees are the only insect on the planet that make food we can eat. That food contains all the necessary ingredients needed to sustain life. Honey, bee pollen, beeswax and propolis are some of the healthiest substances in existence, and adding them to our lives appropriately can greatly improve health and boost the immune function.


Bee Healthy teaches on the uses and benefits of the hive products and how to incorporate them daily for maximum health benefits. Students will learn a variety of recipes and strategies for preventative health and immune boosting capabilities. This class includes a free pdf download of healthy, immune boost recipes. 


Pre-requisites: none


Click on the links below to access the recommended products:

 Sustenance Powder - click here

 Of the Sun Cultured Veggies - click here

 Of the Sun and Sea Coffee - click here

 DNA Clearing Bath Salts - click here 

For Digital Recorded Class
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