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Tiffany Gorski


Founder of Bee-Inspired


Tiffany Gorski is a healer, an educator and a communicator. She spent the first half of her career teaching high school English, only to find herself constantly sick, overworked and overstressed. In an attempt to find balance, she moved to the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in Ohio, bought a house built in 1790, lived off the land and became a beekeeper and an herbalist. It was by returning to Mother Nature that balance was found, and healing began to take place. It was in her search for balance and freedom that she fell in love with bees, and it was out of the need to save the bees and her love of teaching that the Bee Bonding series was created. 


After years of struggling to get pregnant, Tiffany learned how to get into the fertility frequency through Of the Sun. Shortly after, she became pregnant with a baby girl, who is now a four year old beekeeper and herbalist in training.


As a mother and homeschool teacher, Tiffany teaches children and adults how to live a high vibratory life filled with honor, respect and gratitude to all things. She is also a Quantum Light Property Clearer and Teacher, an Akashic Record Reader, a Soul Translation Practitioner and the founder of Bee-Inspired and the Bee Bonding series. 


Tiffany Gorski


Masters Degree in English Education (2001)


Certifications and Trainings: 

High School English Teacher (2001 - 2012)

Homeschool Teacher (2017 - present)





Mushroom Foraging


Instructor, Quantum Light Property Clearing


Of the Sun Services and Modalities: 

Quantum Light Property Clearing Levels I & II, Soul Translation, Akashic Record Reading Exploration, Communicator 


Of The Sun Soul Translation Technician - Gifts


Founder, Bee-Inspired

Creator, Bee Bonding Series

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