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Beekeeping Classes

Beekeeping Classes 

The beekeeping class teaches on every aspects of beekeeping. From what to wear, how to get the bees, how to take care of a hive and how to extract the products of a hive like honey, propolis, bee pollen and beeswax, students will learn everything needed to know to become a beekeeper.


We also explore how to prevent and how to troubleshoot potential problems. Becoming a beekeeper requires a symbiotic relationship between the bees and the keeper. Thus, we will delve deeply into how to create and build that relationship and necessary steps to maintaining a clear, calm path. 


Contact us at: 614-562-4923 to schedule a group, private bee-keeping class or consultation


Class Price $800 (8 month course)

*Virtual and in-person

Class Dates:

March 8th

April 8th

May 8th

June 8th

July 8th

August 8th

September 8th

October 8th

Class Time: TBD

Recommended products:

Beekeeping supplies

Bees (Nuc/Partial or Full Hive) 

 (*Book a Consultation with a Bee Keeper under the Bee in Contact tab to help determine the best fit for you and to get help in locating local bees to purchase) 


Recommended services: Quantum Light Property Clearing


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Pay with Zelle : 614.562.4923

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