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Bee Bonding Class


Upcoming Class: Monday April 27th, 2023


From the time my daughter could walk and talk she was following bees from flower to flower, talking to them, thanking them and petting them. When a bee is near her she remains calm, opens her hands and asks the bee if she has something to share with her. Sometimes it's simply a buzz of recognition, sometimes a message comes through, other times the bee needs help. It's a magical experience to commune with bees and other insects. 


The Bee Bonding Series was created out of the need to save the bees, to save our children and to save our planet. It is a monthly opportunity to step into the Oneness and Truth of the universe. It will assist in creating a more symbiotic relationship with bees, as well as other insects. Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to participate. It is the children's understanding and participation that will help shift the future trajectory of this world. All classes are accompanied by an arts and craft project. I encourage adults to participate with the children, to listen and to be present. A recording of the class will be sent after class.     


We are the bees and the bees are us. What is happening to the bees is happening to us. Healing the bees heals us and healing ourselves heals the bees. 


Bees, like all beings, need a new way, a new relationship, a new focus on high vibrational thinking and living. Bees are natural clearers. They have become inundated with the negative and toxicity on the planet. They require higher vibrational experiences to survive and thrive, and so do we. The Bee Bonding classes will bring forward theTruth needed for such elevation. 




- Saving the bees, and humanity alike

- Cultivating a high vibratory relationship with bees

- Working with bees

- Caring for a beehive

- Using gentle, respectful beekeeping practices

- Utilizing products of the hive (ie. honey, bee pollen, propolis, beeswax) for health and wellness

- Creating insect and pollinator friendly garden or outdoor space

- Teaching children and adults how to interact with bees and other insects 

- Living with bees and other insects

- Communicating with bees

- and much more

*All classes are virtual. Recordings of each class will be sent after the class. Some in-person class opportunities may be available in Southern California this spring and/or summer. 


This is an on-going class series: 


Date: Stay tuned for future dates and times


Upcoming Classes: 

Thursday January 26th, 2023

Thursday Feburay 23rd, 2023

Thursday March 30th, 2023

Monday April 17th, 2023

Thursday April 27th, 2023



Time: approximately 1 - 2 hours


Cost:  $15/video recording

            $35 / family in person




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