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Honey Bees 101 Class

If our world functioned like honey bees in a hive the sweetness of life would be more palatable. Everything would flow with ease and grace and we would all be working toward the greater good of the whole and the survival of our species. We can learn so much from understanding the bees and how they operate.


The Honey Bees 101 class explores all aspects of a hive and goes into detail about the unique, fascinating roles of the different bees in a hive. Students will learn about various hive products like honey, propolis, bee pollen, beeswax and royal jelly and how they are all made and extracted. Students will also learn about the current state of the bees, reasons there have been declines and some solutions that can help. 


Pre-requisites: none


Recommended products: none


Honey Bees 101 Class will be available:

New Live dates forthcoming/Digitally Recorded Classes Available


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